People Loving People, Inc. was founded by Cameron and Gwen Anderson in December of 2009. In 2009, Gwen Anderson began picking up food from the St. Paul Trader Joe’s Store and then delivering it to homeless and domestic abuse shelters in the southern suburbs of Minneapolis. In June 2010, the organization was moved from Minnesota to the family garage in St. Croix Falls, WI. As more Trader Joe’s stores began to donate food to People Loving People, Gwen began packing bags and boxes and delivering to Senior Housing in St. Croix Falls and Milltown. The ministry was growing at a rapid pace and the quantity of food was more than what the family garage could hold. In January 2012, Rudy Soderberg agreed to allow People Loving People to move into the old Soderberg Hardware Store in Dresser, WI. Rudy allowed People Loving People to clean up the building and operate rent free for 4 months until the thrift store was up and running. The 5,000 square foot store front was perfect to house both the food ministry and the thrift store.

In September 2015, People Loving People had received enough donations for the down payment on the Soderberg property and was able to purchase the property. Work started right away on one of the properties’ warehouses which was being finished to house our food ministry, which also would allow for the store’s expansion. January 2016 the new food ministry building was opened. Many wonderful donors contributed funds towards this project as well as donating a furnace and air conditioner.